Al Angello is a fun, high-energy party magician and juggler for children in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a wide array of new and interesting acts. Al Angello has perfected his juggling, magic, and comedic shows since 1989, with dozens of unique tricks and fun jokes for hours of excitement and laughter. Both children and adults are stunned by Al’s exceptional juggling skill—whether it’s pins and balls or machetes and torches—and sleight of hand. Everyone loves to laugh along with the show.

Watch the videos to see a sample of Al Angello’s acts, from juggling pins with audience participants to juggling fiery torches outdoors to amazing magic tricks. See Al’s juggling acts, the amazing vanishing ketchup bottle, see participants help out with the card rise trick, watch the Rubber Band Man demonstration and try to do it yourself, and even watch him juggle a bowling ball.

Take a look at a few of the acts, see the gallery for even more, and contact Al Angello for more information.

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